Galerie - Mix
frezka_thumb.jpg 3.5K Eilat_thumb.jpg 3.8K Beatitudes_thumb.jpg 4.0K
View Of Haifa_thumb.jpg 3.7K A view of Masada from_thumb.jpg 2.5K A view of Tel Bet She'an_thumb.jpg 3.6K
Alley In Safed_thumb.jpg 3.8K Catherine Bethea reflecting on our voyage across the Sea_thumb.jpg 3.9K Early morning overlooking the Sea of Galilee from our hotel in Tiberias_thumb.jpg 2.7K
Jordán_thumb.jpg 6.6K Interior Of Church Of Annunciation_thumb.jpg 7.5K Cana_thumb.jpg 9.5K
Koren_thumb.jpg 7.6K Tábor_thumb.jpg 8.7K The Church Of Annunciation_thumb.jpg 6.0K
Ruins of a watchtower at the tell of Jericho._thumb.jpg 3.0K Akko_sm.jpg 3.3K
Akko1_sm.jpg 4.8K
Gedi_sm.jpg 4.6K
Haifa_sm.jpg 3.4K
Haifa1_sm.jpg 3.8K

Mrtve more_sm.jpg 5.3K
Mapa1_sm.jpg 5.3K Mapa_sm.jpg 10.3K
Herselia_sm.jpg 6.0K Masada_sm.jpg 2.9K Masada1_sm.jpg 4.4K
Masada2_sm.jpg 3.3K Masada3_sm.jpg 2.7K Mlyn na olivy_sm.jpg 4.7K
Herodion_sm.jpg 4.9K Museum detail_sm.jpg 4.1K Museum tanku_sm.jpg 2.0K
Museum_sm.jpg 3.8K Rude more1_sm.jpg 2.3K rimska stavba most_sm.jpg 2.8K
  rimska stavba_sm.jpg 2.6K Rude more_sm.jpg 3.2K
  Portret_sm.jpg 4.9K Ovda_sm.jpg 6.2K